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Sunshine .....

Thursday, April 1, 2010 | Dr. TAHER ALWAN

Sunshine ...sunshine ...sunshine
You are not alone ,
Look :
Lands of peace
Full of happiness
You are with colored Horizons
No sorrow any more
No loneliness
You are in the other side of the world
You are every where
Your heart full of lights
Your sole full of love
You have a small world in your heart
Worm and shiny
When you open your hand
The golden birds fly
When you whisper
The flowers blossom
Where are you ?
You are here and there
Because sunshine came with you
Your shirt painted by spring
Your eyes colored by the nature
Blue , yellow , green , pink , festival of colors around you
Peace to the people your words
Sunshine ..sunshine ..sunshine
You are always sunshine

for you , and for all the people who celebrate the spring coming and Easter

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