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The woman with the mask

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 | Dr. TAHER ALWAN

When the door opened
She will enter her room
With her lights and sparrows
With her images and….her mask
No one no about her
The actress of the village
And the magician woman
When she opened her box
She saw her face on an old mirror
Face like her face
She look in her images
Looking for the face
All the images are her face
With him
With her
With them
With her
With that
With those
Not with herself
She made a circle around her shadow
She try to find who is there?
She, the shadow , the actress , the magician ?
She asked herself with her mask
With no mask …
She dance alone with her mask
With no mask
With her images
The window opened
She wasn’t there
It was her mask
And her shadow
She heared his voice
Faint but kind
She wore her colored clothes
For him
He tried to know who is she ?
Where is she ?
With mask?
With the shadow?
In the images ?
The dancer?
The magician ?
But ….
She …
Only she , knows that him …
Only him …
Was in all her images
The power of hear magic
And she felt him with mask
Or …
With no mask


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Ahmed said...

I liked that one