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Saturday, March 27, 2010 | Dr. TAHER ALWAN


Thus asleep on the surfaces
Eat human rights items
Drink the wine of the revolution
Revolutionary of the mirror
or Tramps or in (Camp) block-booking
the papers sellers
Exfiltrate Secretary-General
And strangers of the city surrounded the Narcissus
a Stone coming from the roof of the world falling such a tear in a Cup
no one in the corridors of the United Nations
the roof of the world congested by the bats of the continents .


Awake on the frost
Germanic woman
Come the late
drink us the milk of San Jose
fed us bread of Franks
Watch our lost
tilled in a vacuum talk
Dull as migrants having
like a frog jump on the tables
Sit under a shed velvet
The article succeeds in a vacuum
The names repeated countless , she count our faces
Awake to frost
hug the door of grief
And roam the felt of racism
Printed kiss on the wall of refugees ..


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010 | Dr. TAHER ALWAN

The Sparrow of the misery

The Sparrow of the misery
Flashing as a pot of magic
Moving through the pavement
Wild beauty reduced concern
We in wagons pursue our ghosts
Whenever we get close to the edge of talk
Stopped glow orange
Not .. no wall or barrier ..
It dates back whenever it came back
our Words falling in the space of the Case
We are marching for body of the city



Dreaming of contemptuously Cloud
The mad of the adventurers
But the moment frozen
The concern is the roof of the location
When we were ... full our books with clouds
And locked returnees
Kept yelling at the desert
Woods and dates
the cloud for us
Peddlers conducting their clouds
We weave a land of clouds
Translated by :j.Tachmintzis

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