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Saturday, March 27, 2010 | Dr. TAHER ALWAN


Thus asleep on the surfaces
Eat human rights items
Drink the wine of the revolution
Revolutionary of the mirror
or Tramps or in (Camp) block-booking
the papers sellers
Exfiltrate Secretary-General
And strangers of the city surrounded the Narcissus
a Stone coming from the roof of the world falling such a tear in a Cup
no one in the corridors of the United Nations
the roof of the world congested by the bats of the continents .


Awake on the frost
Germanic woman
Come the late
drink us the milk of San Jose
fed us bread of Franks
Watch our lost
tilled in a vacuum talk
Dull as migrants having
like a frog jump on the tables
Sit under a shed velvet
The article succeeds in a vacuum
The names repeated countless , she count our faces
Awake to frost
hug the door of grief
And roam the felt of racism
Printed kiss on the wall of refugees ..


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