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The boats of Ostend

Thursday, April 29, 2010 | Dr. TAHER ALWAN

On the coast of Ostend

I saw the old fisherman

Alone ,

Between the boats

The boats with no sailors

The young girls alone with no friends

The fisherman called the old friends

The port with a gray color

No fishes yet and no lovers on the benches

I saw the old fisherman singing alone

I saw the young two girls alone

Before the sunset we heard the voice of the sailors

They came with the fishes

The old fisherman waiting for them

With gifts and flowers

The girls waiting with sweets

The old fishermen

The girls

The boys

The birds

All , on the boat

They celebrated all the night

Ostend welcome it`s old sailors



* Ostend is a beautiful biggest Belgian city on the coast , which has all the assets of a large town, situated in Europe's busiest maritime area ,it is undoubtedly a versatile short sea port. It located in the Flemish province of West Flanders.

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