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Friday, March 19, 2010 | Dr. TAHER ALWAN


Where is my beloved amongst the noise and the rush?
Where is my beloved, lost, amongst the lights?
Where is my beloved amongst the chaos of words?
Where is my beloved?
Where is my beloved?
Oh world, be kind to my beloved!
My beloved is to be found in the path of strangers
On the face of the sea
On the shadows of the clouds
On the wings of the birds
Flying in a breeze of perfumes
Oh world, why such sorrow on my beloved`s face?
Why did her fingertips grow cold waiting for me for so long?
Where is my beloved?
Why has my beloved`s blossom fallen in the hands of a dark wolf?
Why have my beloved`s candles gone out leaving her to sleep alone?
Why has the night cold surrounded my beloved?
Why hasn`t the moon come to cover my beloved?
Why haven`t the stars come to light the face of my beloved?
My beloved is sleeping, let all the pipes of the world fall silent
Let all the poems and pure words hang like a necklace around my beloved`s neck.
Translated by :j.Tachmintzis

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