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Eyes and emotions

Thursday, July 3, 2008 | Dr. TAHER ALWAN

Eyes and emotions

Since years I am waiting for you
Like the sky waiting the birds
Like the sea waiting the waves
Like the waves waiting the shores
I am the moment of love
You are the moment of the beauty
Love and beauty
Where is the time , the history of love ?
Let me learn more
But I learn from your eyes more
Even many people around you
Even others looking to you
Even people have eyes and emotions
Even you are free to fly in your world
You are here , where the love flourish in paris , in boyeon , in de pan , in monshaw , in herve
we left our smiles on the old chairs
Where we was under the rain
In the small hotel
We look to the hidden moon
It was our golden mirror
While we wrote our names
Who are the new lovers?
Under endless shiny sky we gave the world our kisses
Our jasmines to the towns and villages
All the people smiled for us
While we are here or their
A way from each others
May be I saw a pretty woman
May be you saw an old friend
We are the beginning of love and the end.

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